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• 2011-06-10 • Haymaking
We started haymaking, the weather this year really bad, hardly a day goes by without rain, (paradoxically, in the central and northern Poland, drought). We dry hay traditionally as in Podbeskidzie using ostrew or ostew (as he called so he called), it is a bit laborious, but in such weather as this year, quite effective.

• 2011-05-15 • Prepared to show
For some time our colt Empirus prepare for a show to be held in Wrocław 25.06, not counting the rather spectacular successes, rather we want to wipe the trails, experience the show, it will be our debut (literally and figuratively) on the trip looking forward to one more reason , namely the eternal city will visit again, at the end of the Partynice began our adventure with Arabian horses.

• 2011-05-10 • The trip of Wielka Nowina
 Today our mare Wielka Nowina, went to  Jastrzębiec stud, the conclusion of a closer acquaintance with the stallion Emberk.

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