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About Us
Our stud is quite young in the age but the passion and interest in Arabian horses began much earlier. At the beginning it was by reading the equine literature especially by Proffessor Witold Pruski. It was his book where we first found the interesting history of Polish Arabian horse and its ups and downs so closely related to the history of Poland. After were the studies at Animal Science in Wroclaw and the first contact with Arabian horses at Partynice Racetruck, and later - since 2000 watching the first Arabian horse shows. Anno Domini 2007 we finally started our own breeding wher on 7 April during Easter time the first Arabian mares joined our place. Big framed Esena from Sahara db line tracking back to Eunice bred by Nowy Dwór and refined Wielka Nowina from Szwaykowska line, maternal granddaughter of Monnogramm and great granddaughter of Michałów-bred Wilejka.

In our breeding program we want to focus on strong Arabian horse that is useful for riding as well as carrying the Arabian type called in the world as Pure Polish.

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